The Academy's Main systems:

It has to be highlighted that all systems below are developed by the Academy's staff. All copyrights and Licenses are owned , solely, by the Academy.

  • A.Digital Video Conferencing Systems. (one to one and one to many and many).
  • B.eLearning Systems (SIS, Virtual Class, eLibrary, LMS, LCMS, ELSE,..)
  • C.Video Conferencing
  • D.eUniversity Full Management Systems
  • E.Satellite Channel Control and Broadcasting Systems (Full Technical systems for educational purposes)
  • F.Cyber Digital Satellite Channel

Our Partner Universities in the UK and overseas?

• The Academy collaborates with a number of established UK and universities in providing a flexible system of education for postgraduate study. The universities involved are well known for their academic excellence and international reputation in research and advanced study.

Respected Institutions

The Academy has arranged collaboration programmes with leading respected institutions, in different countries; to run their degrees and programmes for Arab students in the Middle East.

The Academy’s Ongoing Projects

The Global Islamic eLearning University; Based in the UK and Egypt; will start accepting soon. eTraining for professional purposes (Management, Project Management, ANN, NLP,..etc.) Palestine Polytechnic University (full supervision over eLearning programs), since 2008

Previous Main Projects

Palestine Polytechnic (On going) The Academy Satellite Channel on ArabSat, University of Palestine (postgraduate with N. Virginia University and Cairo University) eSchool (on going)

The eLearning Systems and Services

in eLearning including technologies; techniques; education; software, on job training, materials writing, etc.
eLearning management
in which The Academy would provide all needed technologies, software and technical and managerial staff to carry out or assist in carrying out elearning projects
Provision of specialized services for elearning
such as synchronous and asynchronous systems
eTraining programs and software;
in different field of eTraining, (More than 300 professional courses and 20 Professional Charters
with full e-management systems